2017-12-06 / Editorials

Shop Near Home For Christmas

Christmas is coming, and holiday shopping has already begun. If you have not already done so, go out and shop locally, everywhere. Though we know a lot of people shop online, and that is fine, let us not forget the treasure trove of great stores in our own communities that are brimming with imaginative and traditional gifts, ideas, and concepts. We don’t want to lose the flavor of shopping on our beautiful streets, from Long Island City to Little Neck, from Astoria to the Rockaways, and everything in between.

We are blessed with phenomenal areas and we know it seems easier to click away online, but is it the same experience as trying it on or gauging the size for someone else, holding the item, turning and seeing it in three dimensions to determine you really like it, or it is the right color? It is hard enough to choose the perfect gift, let alone guessing by photos and waiting for deliveries that could come too late, arrive broken or not at all.

Not to mention that by ultimately locking ourselves up in our homes and offices and only interacting with our computers, are we not in the long run alienating ourselves from the “real world?”

This is certainly a ripe topic for great letters to the editor, so some time after the holidays and festivities are over, and you’re done shopping, drop us a line, let us know how it went, and what you think!

In the meantime, good luck. We know you will find the perfect presents to delight those you love and like, especially if you shop local.

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