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Holocaust Survivor Turns 88 In Forest Hills


A recent picture of Andrew Spitz, 88, with his daughter.A recent picture of Andrew Spitz, 88, with his daughter.The purpose of this article is to wish a happy 88th birthday on November 22 (today) to a resident of Queens who not only survived the Holocaust, but continues to survive like a cat with nine lives.

Andrew Spitz turns 88 years old on November 22. But once again he almost didn’t make it.  At 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, Andrew crossed Queens Andrew Spitz some years back with his daughter.

Andrew Spitz some years back with his daughter. Blvd. from the south side to north side, toward Ridgewood Bank. He had the light but was hit by a car that turned too fast. The driver saw Andrew but  could not stop in time. He had to be taken (to the hospital) in an ambulance and his head is very badly bruised and was bleeding even the following day. He is bandaged and has bruises all over, including on his hands and legs. This is not the first time that Andrew Spitz with his grandsons.Andrew Spitz with his grandsons.Andrew survived being hit and taken to a hospital with bruises. He was hit by a car before in a similar circumstance of crossing with the light and a turning car.  He was also knocked unconscious in a past hit and run accident in Forest Hills – knocked unconscious by bicyclists racing on the sidewalk who knocked him down from behind while he stood waiting for a bus, standing on the sidewalk in the rain. It is a challenge and achievement to survive to advanced old age, survive health challenges, and survive as a pedestrian on the streets of New York City. 

Andrew Spitz came here in 1950 as a teenager after the Holocaust. He came as a survivor and continues to be a survivor.

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