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Koo Announces Purchase Of Snow Removal Vehicle

Council Member Peter Koo joined with the Parks Department and the Kissena Corridor Park Conservancy to announce the purchase of a new Bobcat Toolcat as a permanent tool to plow and maintain the perimeter sidewalks and pathways of Kissena Park and Kissena Corridor Park. Council Member Koo allocated $70,000 for the Toolcat during the Fiscal Year 2017 budget cycle.

Koo stated, “The perimeters and pathways of our parks are often some of the last places to get plowed by the city during heavy snowfalls. With winter on its way, this new Toolcat will ensure our parks are kept in good condition so that our community is free to enjoy our parks year-round. Thank you to the Parks Department for working with my office and our community civics to ensure our parks are kept in good condition.”

The Toolcat follows a recent investment from Koo’s office to hire four full-time security guards to patrol Flushing parks and playgrounds through the Parks Equity Initiative. In addition, CM Koo has allocated $14.5 million in funding to upgrade seven parks and playgrounds throughout Council District 20: Bland Playground, Bland Houses basketball courts, Maple Playground, Saul Weprin Playground, J.H.S. 189, P.S. 120, and Murray Hill Playground, as well as Queens Botanical Gardens.

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