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On the Road in Greece: Businesses in Tripolis

By Catherine Tsounis

Mr & Mrs. Sypsis preparing meats. 

Mr & Mrs. Sypsis preparing meats.   Small businesses predominant in the provincial city of Tripolis, in the middle of the Arcadian mountains. I visited Sypsis Meat Market to thank them for helping me in an accident. I saw the preparation of organic meats from the Arcadian mountains. Photos of calfs, lambs and wildlife from the mountains were displayed. Lilies and floral arrangements made this an unusual “Sypsis Meat Market” operated by Panagiotis and Dimitris at Sehiotis 16 Street. I watched the proprietors prepare a lamb. Fresh chicken breast, souvlaki, beef pork chops, fillets and roasts were displayed. Photos of the family were on the walls. That day Mr./Mrs. Sypsis, daughter and grandchild were visiting that day. A small-town atmosphere of warmth and friendship predominated.
Beverage bars are springing up all over Greece. Graffiato: A. Emporter snack bar is a modern Sypsis Meat Market.Sypsis Meat Market.café where persons go to hang out and share the latest news. The couches and décor were modern. A comfortable experience to hang out with friends. A person can spend 1-2 euros and get out of the house to socialize. I tried “Mountain Tea” that was organic. The herbs were collected from the Mainalos Mountains. Refreshing and an energy booster, I bought mountain tea from Arcadia and the Lasithi Plateau. I continue drinking mountain, buying it from a local Greek Foods store.
            The locals patronize pizzerias. My cousin Pitsa Gerou Macarouni took us for two years to her favorite place: La Bottega. An immaculate pizzeria with scenes of Italy. The food prices range from 2 to 8 euros. We had Macaronada Carbonara (spaghetti with ham) and Pizza Margarita (pizza with peperoni). We had a relaxing view of the Tripoli Avenue. Salads, different varieties of Pizza and pasta with meat, pork and fish combinations. This is the new eatery of Tripolis.
            A traditional Greek taverna is “Kapaki Sto Kapaki” on the main Avenue of Tripolis. Traditional beef, pork, chicken, souvlaki, grilled and baked dinners are served. Prices range from 6 to 10 euros. I ordered grill chicken fillet with lemon and rice. The atmosphere gives the person a feel of Old Greece.
Nothing can compare with a homecooked dinner in a traditional Arcadian house. Prof. Spiros Vardouniotis invited us for dinner in his Tripolis home. Evangelina Vardouniotis, his wife, prepared a Greek salad, beet salad, kasseri and feta cheese, baked chicken, corn, with crusty traditional bread, topped with a house wine and local beer.  The enjoyable evening concluded with a surprise bouquet of flowers waiting for me at the Mainalos Hotel. Their son and our godson, Dr. Alexios Vardouniotis, ENT Surgeron, sent a lavish floral arrangement for my birthday. This is Greek hospitality!
Window shopping showed the cosmopolitan culture of the European. Elegant evening gowns were on models. I enjoyed seeing a culture totally different from urban life.


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