2017-11-22 / Editorials

Thanking And Giving – It’s Great To Be Grateful

We were heartened to witness the generosity of so many people toward those who would have had a paltry Thanksgiving this year – they now have some large poultry to warm their holidays.

Ranked as everyone’s favorite holiday, the first Thanksgiving was truly based on a life-or-death situation, when the Pilgrims were near starvation, and would have perished had they not been rescued by the Native Americans, who shared both food and their techniques for gaining sustenance from this land. And so we continue to be thankful for each and every day, all the good things in our lives, and put aside minor troubles, worries and disagreements, and give thanks to God, and show our appreciation to all those in our lives who help us in myriad ways – some major and some minor, some material and some intangible, yet very real nevertheless. May your material needs always be met, may your health and your social circle be brimming. Gratitude is often touted as a palliative for any existential crises we may have. They say we should make the effort every day to sharpen our awareness of all the positives in our lives. It is very therapeutic and improves every sphere of life, increasing happiness overall.

After you have given thanks, socialized and gorged – hopefully within reason – on delightful fare, have your shopping list ready for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, two important days for taking care of everyone on your Christmas list. Be ready for the perfect opportunity to continue in the spirit of giving. We hope you find the perfect gifts to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces, make their lives easier, and pick up a couple of treats for yourself while you’re at it. Why not? Bargains abound, and you have earned a reward for your unselfishness. And our local merchants continue to outdo themselves with such variety, quality and values, you would not want to miss out.

We wish you continued good fortune, a delicious Thanksgiving, a full tummy and more importantly, a full heart. We at the Gazette are thankful for our readers and advertisers, without whom we would not be here.

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