2017-11-15 / Editorials

What’s Good For Banks Is Good For Queens

This issue of the Gazette highlights the banks of our communities. Banking has come a long way since the Gazette began 35 years ago. The convenience for us has skyrocketed with banks proliferating everywhere, and the technology banks have incorporated, such as ATMs, banking by phone, computer, and phone apps. Not only have we been banking with ATMs for a while now, we can also access our bank accounts from our home, our job, anywhere we can bring our cellphones, and of course, at our friendly neighborhood branch, which many prefer for the human dimension. Bankers and tellers are there to help us with our finances – everything from business, college and car loans, to mortgages, credit cards and even insurance. We appreciate the banks that put community in community banking. They participate and invest in neighborhoods, which makes us strong. Many even hold charity drives, holiday events, financial literacy classes on money management, and they encourage children to save their allowances and earnings, among other community-minded programs. In the final analysis, whatever is good for banking is good for Queens.

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