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Scandals Shuttered For ‘Critical’ Health Violations

By Liz Goff
A city health inspector slammed the door on the Scandals strip club last month, citing numerous health and sanitary violations throughout the Long Island City jiggle joint.

The strip joint at 24-03 Queens Plaza North, was closed temporarily after it racked up 95 violation points during a recent inspection, according to a spokesperson from the Department of Health (DOH).

Scandals was a thorn in the side of the community since it first opened in 2002. The club was shuttered in March 2015 but, like so many other strip joints, it reopened in February 2016 with a new owner.

The DOH inspector found numerous violations including unsanitary conditions in food preparation areas, a food storage area and contamination caused by sewage or liquid waste in areas used by patrons and employees.

The inspector also found “filth flies or food refuse/sewage associated (FRSA) flies present in food and/or non-food areas,”

“Filth flies” include houseflies, little houseflies, blowflies, bottle flies and flesh flies, DOH officials said. FRSA flies include fruit flies; drain flies and Phorid flies, according to DOH.

The club also had an improper or unapproved sewage disposal system and improperly washed and sanitized food preparation surfaces.

The inspection also revealed that Scandals was not “vermin-proof,” and the premises were “conducive to attracting vermin to the location and/or allowing vermin to exist” on the premises.

Scandals also received numerous violations for its plumbing system, including an improperly installed and improperly maintained plumbing system, it did not have a required backflow prevention device, a faulty sewage disposal system and floors that were improperly drained.

Four of the violations including the fly infestation, unsanitary food preparation conditions and improper sewage disposal are considered critical, according to DOH.















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