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Safety Tips For Outdoor Turkey Chefs

By Liz Goff
Officials at the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) are urging Queens residents to take extra precautions when lighting up a backyard grill or a deep fryer to cook their Thanksgiving turkey.

More and more Queens residents are taking on the chore of grilling or deep frying their holiday bird, NFPA officials said. “People believe it’s simple, but they can find out too late that grilling or deep frying a turkey is a lot different than flipping burgers.

“Backyard grilling or deep frying in the fall is a boost for cookouts lovers,” an NFPA spokesperson said. “But an open fire in cool, windy conditions or use of deep fryers by amateur chefs can turn your Thanksgiving feast into a real turkey, memorable for all the wrong reasons.”

The NFPA is urging anyone who is planning to cook their Thanksgiving bird on a backyard grill to think twice about the dangers involved. “People who insist on deep-frying or grilling Thanksgiving turkeys are urged to follow the following tips to avoid a holiday tragedy:

  • Make sure your grill or deep fryer is placed far away from your house or deck railings
  • Place the grill or deep fryer away from falling leaves. Never, ever place the cooker under trees that are losing fall leaves.
  • Do not let children or pets near the grill area
  • Never, ever leave your grill unattended while you are cooking
  • Always keep a container of baking soda or fire extinguisher within reach while the cooker is in use
  • Clean the grill or deep fryer after each use, removing all grease and fat buildup
  • Make sure you extinguish all flames and fire and place the metal cover on the cooker before heading indoors for the night
  • Remember to avoid alcohol while grilling or deep-frying your Thanksgiving bird. Alcohol and open flames are never an acceptable combination

For more fire prevention tips, visit www.nffa.org.



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