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City Offers Tips For Holiday Gobblers

By Liz Goff
Thanksgiving traditionally marks the start of the holiday season. It’s a day families spend catching up on news, fighting over football rivalries, chowing-down on family recopies and making plans for shopping and celebrating.

The turkey takes center stage at most Thanksgiving dinners, and most are prepared using recipes passed down by generations of family members. Who can resist a traditional juicy turkey, bursting with grandma’s special stuffing, surrounded by bogs of cranberries, veggies and the rest?

Retail experts estimate that more than 14 million turkeys will sold in New York City in the weeks and days before the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s a lot of birds! The average family with three children, two adults and up to five guests typically carves up a turkey weighing between 20 and 23 pounds, experts said.

Even after sharing the bird with Fido and other family critters, that leaves a lot of turkey to be turned into leftovers!

Did you know that the typical meal gobbled up on Thanksgiving could tally more than 3,000 calories?

Officials at the city Department of Health (DOH) have released their annual list of traditional Thanksgiving dinner items and their calorie intake for your use in computing the calorie-value of your holiday meal. The meal you serve may carry more or fewer calories, based on ingredients you use to please your own turkey gobblers:


Food Item                               Calories                       Food Item                   Calories

Turkey                                                40 per ounce               Chocolate                    150 per ounce                                                                                     Potato Chips               150 per ounce

Stuffing                                   400 per cup                 Liquors                        125 per ounce

Gravy                                      800 per cup                 Fudge                          145 per ounce

Mashed Potato                                   300 per cup                 Fruit Salad                   100 per cup

Baked Potato                          20 per ounce               White Wine                 20 per ounce

Mixed Vegetables                    80 per cup                   Egg Nog                       300 per cup

Candied Sweet Potatoes         45 per ounce               Crotons                       10 per ounce

Cranberry Sauce                      30 per tbsp.                Onion Dip                   30 per tbsp.

Green Bean Casserole             250 per cup                 Mixed Nuts                 800 per cup

Dry Tossed Salad                   40 per cup                   Sour Cream                 30 per tbsp.

Salad Dressing             70 per tbsp.                Cake                            110 per ounce

Soup                                        150 per cup                 Cookies                       140 per ounce

Rolls, Bread                            80 per ounce               Popcorn

Pecan Pie                                 130 per ounce             (Air Popped)              25 per cup

Whipped Cream                      40 per tbsp.                Popcorn

Ice Cream                                                                    (Bagged, Salted)          75 per cup

(Not Gourmet)                                    300 per cup                                                                            


The list does not include appetizers you may prepare for your own feast, DOH officials said. Health officials are also reminding New Yorkers that there are many alternatives to items included on the “traditional” list that can help significantly reduce calorie and fat intake for Turkey Day diners.

“Let’s face it. Thanksgiving is a food holiday. It’s the one day each year when it’s OK to overeat without feeling guilty,” health officials said. “To indulge or not to indulge should be a personal choice. Hopefully, the 2016 list will help people choose foods that will fill them up without weighing them down.”










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