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Gazette Endorsements 2017

After following the public careers of many of the following candidates and incumbents in recent years, we offer our endorsements of the following:


The contest is really between incumbent Bill de Blasio and Nicole Malliotakis. For both the mayoral and public advocate seats, we urge our readers to consider and assess the pros and cons of the offices. We see pros and cons with both de Blasio and Malliotakis. While every indication is de Blasio will win, we say it’s up to you, the voters.


Letitia James has been active in many of the citywide issues and she is also anticipated and projected to be the winner of the race. Again, we ask our readers to consider all the candidates.


Scott Stringer has done an excellent job and deserves another term.


For Justice of the Supreme Court we may select up to six of the nine candidates for the position. Though we are sure the candidates are all capable, two stand out: Michael Aloise and Gregory Lasak. The two candidates have a strong record and should be two of the six you vote for. Please consider them when you are marking your ballot.


Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has done an exceptional, remarkable job. She is truly supportive of her slogan referring to Queens as The World’s Borough. She has brought positive attention to the most ethnically diverse, amazing borough – and place – in the world. She has also delivered tremendous improvements for families in Queens, including extensive financial expenditures for our schools, libraries, parks and beaches. We believe she deserves a landslide victory. We are hoping our readers back her 100 percent.


DISTRICT 19 – Paul Vallone. Like everyone in the Vallone family – his grandfather the judge, his brother the judge and former City Council Member, and his father, former Speaker of the City Council – Paul Vallone has done an amazing job representing his district. He has fought tirelessly to improve the district on all fronts. He is a cheerleader and leading advocate who makes sure the 19th District gets the benefits and share of the pie they deserve. We cannot imagine the 19th Council District without Vallone representing them. We urge all of our readers who reside in that district to come out and support Paul Vallone.

DISTRICT 20 – Peter Koo is running unopposed, and rightly so. He still deserves your vote. Koo advocates for his district’s residents and he is very aware of the business community. He has fought to help everyone in the 20th District.

DISTRICT 21 – Francisco Moya is also unopposed and deserves the support of his district. He has done an admirable job representing the area.

DISTRICT 22 – Costa Constantinides has our full, 100 percent endorsement. The 22nd District deserves his steadfast support as he is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week representative in one of the fastest growing, booming areas in all of New York, if not the United States. Constantinides is at every meeting and every event and he listens to his constituents and follows through on his promises. He does have a unique opponent. Kathleen Springer, who has made a big issue of bringing back the diving pool at Astoria Park – she has started her own party, the Dive In party. While we support Constantinides 100 percent, we are certain that upon his reelection he will consider the issues raised regarding the pool as he has previously, discussed at community meetings.

DISTRICT 23 – The top contenders are incumbent Barry Grodenchik and Joseph Concannon. Grodenchik has done a good job representing his district and deserves reelection.

DISTRICT 24 – Rory Lancman is opposed by one candidate in the Reform party, Mohammad Rahman. Lancman has done a fine job representing his district and should be reelected.

DISTRICT 25 – Daniel Dromm is running unopposed and for good reason – he has highlighted issues and concerns citywide and in his district; and with his background as a schoolteacher he has done a great job trying to improve our educational system. It is a pleasure to unequivocally endorse Dromm.

DISTRICT 26 – City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer, in the booming Astoria-Long Island City and Sunnyside areas of his district, has done a phenomenal job bringing vital resources to our community. We endorse him and believe in him as the strongest advocate in the City Council for his community. He has secured attention and highlighted the strong points of the district like no one else.

DISTRICT 27 – Daneek Miller has done a fine job taking care of his district and deserves reelection.

DISTRICT 28 – We endorse Adrienne Adams.

DISTRICT 29 – Karen Koslowitz runs unopposed and her experience in government is an asset that cannot be replicated. We encourage everyone to vote for her though she is unopposed. We would like to see tremendous support in her column as she leads her district into the future.

DISTRICT 30 – In the contentious race between Elizabeth Crowley and Robert Holden, we have confidence in Crowley and believe she has represented her district in a positive way and we are confident that she will do even better in a new term. We endorse her and ask voters in her district to support her.

DISTRICT 31 – Donovan Richards is running unopposed and we endorse him.

DISTRICT 32 – Eric Ulrich should win handily in his district. We believe he has done a strong job representing Howard Beach and its environs and we endorse his candidacy. He brings balance to the City Council and deserves another term.

DISTRICT 34 – We endorse Antonio Reynoso for the 34th District.


DISTRICT 27 – Due to the untimely passing of Assembly Member Michael Simanowitz, Daniel Rosenthal is running, uncontested, in this special election and has our support.

Finally, PROPOSALS 1, 2, and 3 warrant far more attention and conversation than we have had. In short, we will leave it up to our readers to make their own decisions. PROPOSAL 1 is the question of whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention. PROPOSAL 2 revokes the public pension of officials convicted of a felony in relationship to their duties as a public official. PROPOSAL 3 deals with forest preserve land issues.

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