2017-11-01 / Front Page

Tinted Window Ban

By Liz Goff
Here’s a warning for motorists with window tints that prevent law enforcement from seeing into their vehicle - remove the dark tint or park the car.

State legislators are backing a bill that would allow New York State Motor Vehicle Inspection stations to fail vehicles with tinted windows that exceed the standard allowed by law.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill applauded the legislation, saying career criminals and other offenders use darkly tinted windows to prevent cops from seeing into their vehicles to determine if they’re armed.

“All too often, police officers must approach these vehicles without knowing if the driver has a gun pointed at them,” a law enforcement source said. “Law enforcement officials have been seeking this type of legislation for many years, to prevent situations that turn tragic.”

Under the proposed legislation, vehicles with more than 30 per cent tint on their windows would fail annual NY State inspections and drivers would be banned from state and city streets. The vehicles would not pass inspection until the dark tints are removed/.


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