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Queens Council On The Arts: Artist Commissioning Program Announces Four Awardees!

The selected artists include playwright Judith Sloan, composer Landon Knoblock, composer Neil Padukone, and choreographer XiaoChuan Xie. Each artist will receive $10,000 towards the creation and the production of their performing art project. Projects were selected for their capacity to tell untold stories and fill gaps in American culture.

Sloanʼs play, “It Can Happen Here” references the Sinclair Lewis novel, “It Canʼt Happen Here,” and will document the stories of people threatened by changing demographics such as Hurricane Sandy survivors, DACA recipients, and Iraqi refugees living in the city.

Knoblockʼs project will give “A Voice to the Voiceless” by creating a collection of musical compositions inspired by and developed with homeless children in New York City public schools.

Padukoneʼs “Salsa Masala: A Jackson Heights Block Party” will employ an intersectional approach to music by fusing the musical idioms of Latin America, the Indian subcontinent, and Black music of the U.S. to create “that special mix” – the Spanish and Hindi translations of the workʼs title.

Xieʼs SHED will be a multidisciplinary installation performance and interactive audience experience that uses dance, sculpture, costumes, and light to reveal hidden textures and colors, creating dialogue on the collective migrant experience.

The Artist Commissioning Program (ACP) provides Queens choreographers, playwrights, and composers $10,000 towards the creation and production of a new, original work to be interpreted for dance, theater, and music. This innovative program allows Queens community members to participate as art producers. Art producers select the artists in a panel and serve as a support structure for the cohort. Both artists and art producers receive access to professional development programming and collaborative arts events throughout the year-long program. ACP is generously funded by the Scherman Foundationʼs Rosin Fund.


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