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City Adds Roosevelt Avenue To Traffic Pilot Program

By Liz Goff
Roosevelt Avenue has been chosen as one of three corridors citywide to participate in an initiative introduced last week by Mayor Bill deBlasio to reduce traffic congestion through increased police presence and stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

The pilot program includes several initiatives, from increased ticketing of motorists that “block the box” at key intersections to removing curbside access at specific locations during rush hours.

Under the pilot program that is scheduled to begin in January, curbside loading will be prohibited on both sides of Roosevelt Avenue between Broadway and 108th Street, between 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

The curbside restriction will remain in place for six months under the pilot program. If successful, the program will remain in place on Roosevelt Avenue and extended to other neighborhoods citywide.

Motorists can expect increased police presence in Jackson Heights for the duration of the pilot program to enforce the curbside restriction and keep curbs clear, city officials said.

Department of Transportation (DOT) officials will implement a plan to stop motorists from blocking key intersections along the corridor by installing “Don’t Block The Box” signage and street markings along Roosevelt Avenue. The city is also planning to hire at least 50 additional traffic agents to ticket violators.


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