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Addabbo On Sandy: Much Progress Made, Much More Needs To Be Done

Five years after Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, 2012, NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. reflected on the progress that has been made in his district since the catastrophic storm devastated the lives and livelihoods of so many of his constituents, and how much still needs to be done to fully recover.

“Forever we will look at flooding, surges, steady heavy rain and high tides differently because of Sandy,” said Addabbo. “While we have a number of ongoing projects like NY Rising and Spring Creek to help with the mitigation of future flooding, we truly cannot put Sandy behind us until every resident has fully recovered from its devastation.”

Soon after the superstorm devastated the communities within the Howard Beach, Hamilton Beach, Broad Channel and Rockaway parts of his district, leveling hundreds of homes and businesses, Addabbo became a member of the Senate Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy to help New York State develop a legislative response to the extreme destruction brought about by the flooding, fire, high winds and other damaging effects of the storm.

In the years since, Addabbo has sponsored a law, which was extended for the fourth time this past July, to reinstate building permits and waive certain building standards and appeals requirements unique to the Breezy Point area, which was particularly battered by Hurricane Sandy. In addition, Addabbo, who is a member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, sponsors Senate legislation (S.3682) to establish a New York State Climate Change Task Force to research the potential impacts of climate change and create a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Another bill (S.2429) aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New York State to improve air quality and cut back on pollutants that accelerate climate change. Addabbo has also co-sponsored laws to provide relief from higher property taxes to those rebuilding Sandy-damaged properties.

“In the wake of Sandy, it has been satisfying and heartwarming to see so many of our local businesses reopen their doors, to have our beautiful beaches and boardwalks open up again to the public, and witness the rebuilding of so many homes that were lost to the superstorm,” he said. “I represent very resilient constituents, who [bonded] together to assist one another in the recovery after Sandy, and we all learned a great deal about the importance of neighbor helping neighbor during this continuing ordeal.” Addabbo said he and his staff will continue working with constituents and businesses harmed by Sandy until all are back in their homes or are up and fully operational.

“As we mark this five year anniversary of Sandy, we take a moment to appreciate the improvements and progress made since the storm, but we also acknowledge the significant work that still needs to be done,” Addabbo said. “I continue to stand ready to help in any way I can.”

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