2017-11-01 / Editorials

We Think You Should Vote

Tuesday, November 7 is your chance to make a statement guaranteed to have our elected officials’ ears. It is Election Day for both locally held offices and citywide, for mayor and public advocate. If you are like most New Yorkers, you have an opinion. However, only your long-suffering friends, spouses, coworkers and children will know what that is unless you step out and cast your vote! In previous years, districts have gotten anywhere from 10 to 20 percent turnout of registered voters. Imagine the low percentage of the voting populace if we counted those who were not registered. This is a good reason to make it a point to make your voice heard. Just think how much more your vote will count for, since so few others are pulling the lever – or filling in the oval, to be precise. People often mistakenly think their vote will not make a difference, that their favorite candidate does not have a chance, or conversely, that their candidate is a shoo-in. That is dangerous thinking, as has been proven time and again. The only remedy is to get out there and vote.

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