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Election Day Ballot

Election Day is around the corner, on Tuesday, November 7. The following candidates and proposals will be on the ballot for voters to choose among.

Bill de Blasio (Democratic Party,
Working Families Party)
Nicole Malliotakis (Republican,
Akeem Browder (Green Party)
Sal F. Albanese (Reform)
Bo Dietel (Dump The Mayor)
Aaron Commey (Libertarian)
Michael Tolkin (Smart Cities)

Public Advocate
Letitia James (Democratic, Working
Juan Carolos Polanco (Republican,
Reform, Stop de Blasio)
Michael O’Reilly (Conservative)
James C. Lane (Green)
Devin Baldini (Libertarian)

City Comptroller
Scott M. Stringer (Democratic Party,
Working Families)
Michel Faulkner (Republican,
Conservative, Reform, Stop de Blasio)
Julia A. Willebrand (Green Party)
Alex Merced (Libertarian)

Justice Of Supreme Court, 11th
Judicial District Vote For 6
Richard G. Latin (Democratic)
Joseph F. Kasper (Republican,
Jodi Orlow-Mackoff (Democratic,
James J. Kevins Jr (Republican)
Ulysses B. Leverett (Democratic)
Woodruff L. Carroll (Republican)
David Elliot (Democratic, Republican,
Gregory L. Lasak (Democratic,
Republican, Conservative)
Michael B. Aloise (Democratic,
Republican, Conservative)

Borough President Queens
Melinda Katz (Democratic, Working
Families Party)
William K. Kregler (Republican,
Everly D. Brown (Homeowners

Member Of City Council
19 District – Paul A. Vallone
(Democratic, Working Families),
Paul D. Graziano (Reform),
Konstantino Poulidis (Republican),
20 District – Peter A. Koo (Democratic)
21 District – Francisco P. Moya
(Democratic, Working Families)
22 District – Costa Constantinides
(Democratic, Working Families),
Kathleen K. Springer (Dive In)
23 District – Barry S. Grodenchik
(Democratic, Working Families)
Joseph R. Concannon (Republican,
Conservative, Stop de Blasio)
John Y. Lim (John Y. Lim)

24 District – Rory I. Lancman
(Democratic, Working Families),
Mohammad T. Rahman (Reform)
25 District – Daniel Dromm
(Democratic, Working Families)
26 District – James G. Van Bramer
(Democratic, Working Families),
Marvin R. Jeffcoat (Republican,
27 District I. Daneek Miller
Rupert Green (Republican),
Frank Francois (Green)
28 District – Adrienne E. Adams
Ivan D. Mossop Jr. (Republican),
Hettie V. Powell (Working Families)
29 District – Karen Koslowitz
30th District – Elizabeth S. Crowley
(Democratic, Working Families,
Women’s Equity),
Robert F. Holden (Republican,
Conservative, Reform, Dump de Blasio)
31 District – Donovan J. Richards
(Democratic, Working Families)
32 District Michael G. Scala
Eric A. Ulrich (Republican,
Conservative, Independence, Reform)
34 District – Antonio Reynoso
(Democratic, Working Families)

27 Assembly District
Daniel A. Rosenthal (Democratic)

Judge of Civil Court – 1st Municipal
Court District/Queens
John C. Katsanos (Democratic)

Judge of Civil Court – 3rd Municipal
Court District/Queens
Tracy A. Catapano-Fox (Democratic)

Judge of Civil Court – 4th Municipal
Court District/Queens
Maurice E. Muir (Democratic)

Judge of Civil Court – 6th Municipal
Court District/Queens
Philip Horn (Democratic)

*Proposal Number 1, a Question:
Constitutional Convention – citywide:
“Shall there be a convention to revise the
Constitution and amend the same?”

*Proposal Number 2, an Amendment:
Allowing the complete or partial forfeiture of a public officer’s pension of he or
she is convicted of a certain type of
felony – citywide:

*Proposal Number 3, an Amendment:
Authorizing the use of Forest Preserve
Land for Specified Purposes – citywide.

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