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‘Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins’

"Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins,” set in 40-50 AD, is a formidable historical novel, all the more poignant given it is based on historical events. It is vividly written with a spellbinding storyline surrounding the demise of an ancient culture of idolatry, and the rise of a Messiah named Jesus, professed to be the Son of God and the Anointed One.

“Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins” by Andreas C. Chrysafis, portrays the introduction of Christianity by St. Paul and St. Barnabas on the island of Cyprus, and their attempt to convert Jews and Hellenes into the new faith. It is an inspiring novel that chronicles slavery, debauchery and rivalry between religious cults that pose a threat to Aphrodite Urania’s worship of a black conical stone and fertility rites during which women offer themselves (once in a lifetime) to a total stranger for sacred sex at her Sanctuary at Nikokleia in Paphos.

The novel transports the reader into a bygone era of intrigue, cunning thievery and an obsession that reveals an exciting adventure filled with historical revelations of times past. It’s a most unique and a daring book, not to be missed!

 “Aphrodite’s Sacred Virgins,” by Andreas C. Chrysafis, October 2017, 226 pp., paperback, Evandia Publishing (UK) Ltd. 

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