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LIC BID Holds First "Expanded" Meeting

By Thomas Cogan
Last Wednesday, David Brause, chairman of the Long Island City Business Improvement District, welcomed visitors to “the first meeting of the expanded BID,” at the opening of its annual meeting, held at PS 1, the MoMA-affiliated museum on Jackson Avenue.  The BID was expanded by approval in March and now consists of the north subdistrict (NSD) and the south subdistrict (SSD), after extension south along Jackson Avenue and inclusion of sections of Vernon Boulevard and 44th Drive.  After acceptance by the board of directors of last year’s minutes and amendments to the by-laws, the meeting arrived at the report read by Executive Director Elizabeth Lusskin, who called the board “fully engaged” and hailed City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer for his effort to aid enlargement of the BID, which is now nearly twice its former size.

Councilman Van Bramer was recipient of the first of three awards presented by Brause and Lusskin.  His was the district expansion champion award.  The district expansion leadership award went to a trio from the BID expansion steering committee:  Gianna Cerbone-Teoli, Angelo Ippolito and Paula Kirby.  The district stewardship award went to the Department of Parks and Recreation, with Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski and other parks people coming to the front to accept it, including a couple of gardeners, Cesar and Arlen, who were praised by the commissioner for the job that must be done constantly in that striking rock garden installed beneath the elevated trains and beside the busy roadway during the plaza beautification project a few years ago.  It’s an impressive sight, but must be steadily maintained in order to remain that way, she said.  In accepting his award, Councilman Van Bramer said that aiding the BID expansion and other local tasks are simply part of his job.   He said he was delighted that this part of his district includes such good restaurants and cultural institutions.  He called LIC Springs, the April extravaganza on Vernon Boulevard, especially marvelous, since it and spring itself bring everyone together in the sunshine, following the cold winter.

The meeting could not be closed before Liz Lusskin announced what she called “breaking news.”  In the BID’s annual report, available at the meeting, there was promise of a fall installation of flower baskets on lampposts throughout the district.  The installation did depend, however, on approval of the installation by the source of approval, the Department of Transportation.  Approval had just come through, so now the bid could hang those flower baskets within a couple of weeks, guaranteeing that with proper maintenance, green plants would hang from lampposts throughout what might be a long cold winter.

Post-meeting was the time for a little celebration, in a space just in back of the meeting room.  There, food and drink supplied by Bierocracy, the restaurant also on Jackson Avenue, included sausages and gigantic pretzels, with beer and wine.  A late arrival was City Controller Scott Stringer, who was there to present the controller’s official proclamation, properly framed, to the BID.



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