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DeBlasio: Short Notice On Shelters OK

Speaking before a Queens audience on October 12, Mayor Bill deBlasio said the city is not required to provide advance notice to local legislators and community boards when it rents an entire hotel to shelter the homeless.

“It really depends on whether something is a temporary action or a long term action,” deBlasio said.

The city is not required to give the usual 30-day notice when it comes to sheltering the homeless in hotels, the mayor said. The use of hotels qualifies as emergency or temporary housing, even when the Department of Homeless Services rents every room – turning a hotel into a homeless shelter, according to deBlasio.

“If we’re using a hotel on a temporary bass, regardless of the number of rooms, we’ll give whatever notice we can,” he said.

A mayoral aide declined to define deBlasio’s use of the word “temporary” with regard to hotels that were converted to temporary homeless shelters more than two years ago.

–Liz Goff

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