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Malliotakis Calls for Return of School Discipline & Safety

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, Republican candidate for mayor, held a Thursday morning news conference in front of NYC Board of Education Office on Chambers Street, where she called Mayor de Blasio’s and Chancellor Fariña’s School Climate Reforms, “a poor excuse for school safety and a contributing factor to last week’s deadly knifing in the Bronx.”

Malliotakis explained, “In February of 2015, the de Blasio administration rolled out School Climate Reforms under the guise of a policy that would, ‘promote safety and dignity of all students’ and ‘continue the positive trend of declining crime, suspensions, arrests and summonses in city schools.’” 

Malliotakis continued, “In March of this year, the Manhattan Institute released a report titled, ‘School Discipline Reform and Disorder’ that compared school disciplinary issues during the final years of the Bloomberg administration and the first years of the de Blasio administration’s School Climate Reforms. The report showed disturbing trends in school discipline under the de Blasio policies and can be viewed online.”

Assemblywoman Malliotakis said, “One month ago, on this very spot, I released a 12-point Education Plan just prior to the start of the new school year. The first point of my plan focused on the need for increased school safety. At that time, the mayor’s campaign spokesman scoffed at my plan, saying, ‘Under Mayor de Blasio, schools are safer than ever.’ Last week’s knifings in the Bronx and the NYPD’s statistics released earlier this week showing a 48% increase in the confiscated weapons at schools prove how untrue those words are.

“In March, the Manhattan Institute released a report that highlighted the disciplinary problems in our schools under the de Blasio administration’s so-called School Climate Reforms; policies that resulted in fewer suspensions, less order and discipline, more violence and more drug use and gang activity when compared to the closing years of the Bloomberg administration.

“Like he did with the homeless issue, Bill de Blasio has turned a blind eye to the discipline problem in our schools and has insisted that up until last week’s tragic stabbings, that schools are safe. So much so, that metal detectors were deployed in less than 6% of NYC public schools buildings.

“As mayor, I will stop the insanity and put discipline and safety back in our schools. For children to learn, they must be in a safe and orderly setting; one that promotes learning and not disorder. We’ll go back to procedures that will give the NYPD and School Safety Officers the ability to vigorously pursue criminal activity in and around schools and when necessary, the issuance of criminal summonses. Just because a juvenile commits a criminal act on school property doesn’t make it any less of a crime.

“I will work with the NYPD and the DOE to put more scanners in our schools, including portable scanners that can be dispatched on an as-needed basis to troubled schools, as well as rotated through other schools on a regular basis. In addition, I will expand the presence of the NYPD, School Safety Officers and counselors throughout the schools system.

“The primary purpose of any government is the protection of its citizens. When a government fails to protect children in their classroom, it has failed all its citizens.

“That’s why these parents stand with me today, because their children are at risk, they are angry and they want changes now; before another family has to bury their child.”

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