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Sunnyside Chamber Reconvenes After Summer Break


A wedding photograph by Kamila Harris. A wedding photograph by Kamila Harris. The first Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce (SCC) meeting in several months was convened last week at Cote de Soleil, the recently-opened French restaurant on Skillman Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets, where guests heard a lot of lore and instruction about photography as practiced on contemporary mobile phone cameras. There were also a few announcements: about a store opening, an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, and a projected forum for local homeowners and local real estate brokers.

“Photography,” Kamila Harris told the assembled luncheon diners, “means painting with light.” Harris is a local photographer with 13 years’ experience, mainly in photographing weddings and other festive events. Though she is proficient with more traditional cameras, she has become quite experienced in the use of cameras found within mobile phones since she first tried one in 2004. In the time since, she said, there have been marvelous innovations in the technology, such as the Snapfeed app, which she called a “mini darkroom,” and the iPhone grid, which can easily lighten or darken photographs. She said the iPhone 7 can shoot around 14 frames in rapid succession.

Announcements included one about the Sunnyside Post Mile race, October 14, beginning at 9:30 a.m. The Post’s Christian Murray, who said that some bars and businesses along the way would be offering Tshirts and other favors, publicized this round-trip race, from and to 43rd Street between Skillman and Barnett Avenues, and traversing Barnett and 39th Avenues, 50th Street and Skillman. Another announcement was for C Clearly, an optical shop at 48-14 Skillman Ave., which was to have an opening day reception Saturday, September 30 from 2 to 5 p.m. Optometrist and owner Christa Cavallaro made the announcement.

Shawn Slevin, of Swim Strong, the swimming safety program that is now 10 years old, announced an event in the swimming pool at St. Sebastian’s Parish Center, 39-60 57th Street, that was scheduled to take place the following day, September 27: an attempt to break the Guinness Book record of “most people treading water at the same time in multiple locations.” The standing record is 805.

Pat Dorfman announced that there would be a free real estate forum with local brokers in Sunnyside Tuesday, October 17, in the auditorium of Queen of Angels Church, located between 44th and 45th Street on Skillman Avenue. It’s entitled “Real Estate Forum: Free Lowdown from the Local Brokers.” SCC’s Executive Director said, “We are one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city and no one knows more about it or has more access than our chamber brokers. The big brands cannot get any more in sales prices and they have no decades-long relationships with our apartment building owners.

“This is a helpful forum for all of us,” she added, “whether renters, buyers, sellers or dwellers. It covers how to buy a first coop; what one can expect to pay or make; if we can afford to stay; what the local trends are; self-selling advice; and how the investment nature of real estate has changed. Our chamber real estate attorneys also will be on hand.”

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