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15 Years For Granny Death, Body Stash

By Liz Goff
A 31-yer-old Ridgewood man who strangled his grandmother and lived for five months with her decomposing body will spend 5 to 15 years in prison for the horrendous crimes, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Christopher Fuhrer pleaded guilty in August to second-degree manslaughter’ recklessly causing the death of another person and concealment of a human corpse in the May 20, 2016 death of 85-year-old Erika Kraus-Breslin in her home at 67-08 65th Street in Ridgewood.

Prosecutors said Fuhrer, who cared for his grandmother for five years, did not intentionally kill the elderly woman. Fuhrer had “reckless contact” with Kraus-Breslin in May 2016, during which he “compressed her neck,” resulting in her death, prosecutors said.

Police responding to a daughter’s request for a wellness check at her elderly mother’s Ridgewood home made a grisly discovery on October 5, 2016, when Fuhrer led officers to a second-floor bedroom where they found the remains of Erika Kraus-Breslin. The body was covered with paint, handcuffed and stuffed into 16 plastic garbage bags stashed near a fan in a corner of the bedroom, police said. Fuhrer surrounded the body with air fresheners and used Febreeze air spray to mask the odor, police said.

“The guy admitted right away that his grandmother died on May 21, and he never called 911 or family members,” a police source said. “He said he was afraid he would be forced to leave the home after she died.” Cops said the grandmother gave Fuhrer a place to live when he was 17, unemployed and had no place to call home.

Fuhrer told investigators he last saw his grandmother alive on May 21, when he went to her bedroom and turned her over to relieve painful bedsores, a police source said. Fuhrer said he found the woman dead when he went to check on her the next day.

“This is a very disturbing case,” Brown said.

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