2017-09-20 / Political Page

Ready To ‘Dive In’ To City Council Race

Kathleen K. Springer, well known in the community as an activist, real estate broker and former owner of Your Neighborhood Realty on Steinway, has entered the race for NYC Council in District 22 as an independent candidate running against the Democratic incumbent, Councilman Costa Constantinides.

Her recent year-long battle to save and restore the Astoria Diving Pool (see Facebook) has left her “dissatisfied with the lack of response from local elected officials who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the pleas from a large portion of the community who submitted a petition to the mayor August 2 to ‘save the pool rather than pave’ the pool.”

After not receiving a response from the mayor and not being able to meet with the councilman in regard to the petition, Springer decided to dive into the race and promises to be more accessible to her constituents if she wins the election, starting by putting her cell phone number on her flyer. Naming her party the “Dive In Party” with the historic diving platform as her platform, in addition to “more parks and swimming facilities in the rapidly growing community, accountability from politicians and agency officials, safety, infrastructure, traffic, environment, education, equality, and more.”

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