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Letter To The Editor:

A Symbol Of Pride
To The Editor:

I want to express my strong disapproval of the mayor’s proposal to remove the Christopher Columbus statue from Astoria Blvd. The removal of the statue will demoralize all Americans of Italian heritage, like myself.

Our ancestors came to this country to make better lives for themselves. We respect each other’s beliefs, religions, and cultures. Christopher Columbus should be idolized and commemorated, not depreciated.

I have lived in Astoria most of my adult life, respecting the statue during the Columbus Day Parade festivities.

I hope that Astoria’s political representatives have the courage and guts to oppose Mayor de Blasio’s proposal.

I am a proud member of the Italian Federation at Astoria. I also share this pride with my family. My late brother, Alfred Varriale served the club with many years of service. John Ciafone, who is an attorney, is also a member of the Italian Federation.

I am writing to you on behalf of all native Italians and Americans of Italian descent.

Richard Varriale

Richmond Hill



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