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City On Heightened Alert Following London Bombing

By Liz Goff

Queens residents may notice heightened security on subways and buses and other high-security locations this week, following the bomb blast at a London subway on September 15.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the rush hour “bucket bomb” blast that injured 29 passengers on the London subway, but the Islamic State militant group has not provided evidence to back that claim, authorities said.

The NYPD is monitoring the situation and has raised security on buses and at subway stations. Police are checking backpacks and other parcels carried by straphangers at the Queens Plaza transportation hub and other high-visibility locations, police officials said. “It’s awful, what happened in London,” straphanger Margaret Chin said. “It’s reassuring to see the increased security in subways and buses,” Chin said. “And it’s important for us here in New York City to go on with our lives as normally as we can.”

Police officials said the increased presence would stay in place for the near future.

Police officials said New Yorkers would see many increased security measures, but there are many less visible measures have been put in place throughout the five boroughs.

“Something like the London bombing reminds everyone of events that changed our lives,” straphanger James Ferry said. “We think about it every day, but something like this jus brings it home.”

Due to the increased security measures, police officials are urging Queens residents to give themselves extra time for their daily commute. Police officials said the NYPD would determine what, if any additional security measures are necessary to keep New Yorkers safe.   

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