2017-09-20 / Editorials

Autumn Leaves Arriving

This Friday, September 22 is the official start to autumn, the season of sumptuous colors, cooler and more comfortable temperatures – all pluses as far as we are concerned. It is also the start of noticeably shorter days, with dusk approaching closer to 7 pm than 8 pm. Though the trend is toward less sunshine and colder temperatures, we feel there are more positives than negatives to look forward to in this season of balance. For one thing, walking around outdoors will be more like a sanguine hike and less like a trek across the airless, stifling heat of Hades.

The coming harvest season brings back sorely missed treats like apple pie, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice-everything, and stove-intensive, hearty meals like soup and stew. It also signals the start of costume and party preparations for Halloween.

The autumnal equinox is the one day each year when sunshine and darkness are exactly equal, and thus perfectly balanced. It is also the first day of the zodiac sign of Libra, perhaps not coincidentally symbolized by the balance scales and ruled by the planet Venus, the brightest planet, endowed by the ancients with the qualities of beauty, love and equanimity, not unlike the season it represents.

Get out and enjoy the cooler temps, try to locate and break out the lovely earthy-hued long sleeves and knitted fabrics. Continue to soak up as much dwindling sunshine as possible to stave off any seasonal blahs and then plan your outdoor forays amid crunchy leaves and piney scents at our borough’s unrivaled parks. Check the schedules of our splendid parks for fall ideas, such as at Astoria Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Forest Park, Alley Pond Environmental Center and the Queens Botanical Garden. Most of the parks also feature indoor activities, should the weather turn harsh.

The season of perfect balance and changing colors only lasts a few weeks, and the brevity makes it all the more precious. Take it all in, enjoy it fully and completely in the moment, without a thought to subsequent seasons, and have a hearty autumn!

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