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Organic Recycling Comes To LIC On October 30

By Liz Goff
The Department of Sanitation’s (DSNY) organics collection program “NYC Zero Waste,” is coming to Long Island City in October.

Sanitation workers will drop off brown organics collection bins and a starter kit to landlords of buildings included in the program prior to October 1, a DSNY spokesperson said. Sanitation officials will notify landlords that choose to participate in the voluntary program when to set out the bins for collection.

Under the program, residents will be able to dispose of organic waste through a curbside pick-up program or at a single day drop-off site. Organics include food soiled paper and yard scraps, organic matter rich in nutrients that aid plant growth and renewable energy.

Single-family homes are automatically enrolled in the program and will receive a small brown bin and a starter kit and a brochure explaining the program.

Residents at buildings with two-to-nine apartments are also automatically enrolled in the program, and will share one large brown bin. Building residents will receive a starter kit including a kitchen container and a copy of the brochure.

Landlords or managers of buildings with more than nine units, or those located on commercial streets, must apply to participate in the program, a DSNY spokesperson said. DSNY workers will visit buildings approved to participate in the program, to educate superint3endents on proper disposal methods, the spokesperson said.

The organic collection program will begin during the week of October 30. The brown bins can be placed curbside for pickup on regular recycling days.

The program is completely voluntary, a DSNY spokesperson said. Building owners will not face fines or penalties if they choose not to participate.

For more information visit the DSNY organic collection website at www.nyc.gov/311.

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