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‘Liberal’ Is A Compliment

To The Editor:

I often hear certain politicians and ordinary citizens attacked as “liberals.” Those who do so invoke the word as if it was a slur, denigrating the accused with all types of negative implications.
John F. Kennedy was alleged to have been a liberal, to which he responded he was a “pragmatist.” FDR was perhaps the ultimate liberal of his time, as his New Deal was counter to all prior dogma of governmental involvement in the daily life of Americans. He also proved to be an ardent pragmatist, proven when a new program failed he ended it or when the Supreme Court ruled against a new effort he created another to take its place.
If a court rules against what the right deems correct, the judges are condemned as “activists.” What is meant is liberal. Judicial rulings objected to by this definition are meant to question the patriotism and loyalty to the Founding Fathers, deserving of invective and personal attack.
Liberal is defined as, “Favoring reform, open to new ideas and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others.” Strict constructionists defame those who rely upon the realities of a changing world to interpret the Constitution. They believe they know the mind of men who lived over 200 years ago.
Our Founding Fathers were the pre-ultimate liberals! They lived in a world that demanded a universal change from the norm. They accepted new ideas that permitted individual freedom from the dominance of a monarch. If any group of people understood the power and the purpose of reform, new ideas and tolerance to admit, “All men are created equal,” it was the Founding Fathers.
America has and hopefully will always be the home of the rebel, the free thinker, the independent hard-nose who sets out on new trails leading to frontiers yet unknown. Our nation is devoted to the principles that created a burning light the likes of which had never been seen and one strong enough to reject conformity.

Ed Horn,
Baldwin, LI


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