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Fighter Nabbed In Steinway Street Bank Heist

By Liz Goff
Police arrested a record holding MMA fighter on August 31, who allegedly pulled off a heist at a Citibank branch on Steinway Street.

Cops said Sergio (The Savage) Dasilva made off with more than $45,000 during the brazen daylight heist at the Citibank branch at 25-91 Steinway Street on August 24.

Police said Dasilva walked into the bank at about 9 a.m. on August 24,jumped over the service counter and security glass and demanded cash from three tellers. “Don’t look at me. I have a gun. I will shoot you!” Dasilva shouted. “Give me more money if you don’t want to get shot!” The terrified employees handed over a total of $45,984 in cash to Dasilva, who fled the bank and ran south on Steinway Street and then east on 28th Avenue, police said.

Police said the Mixed Martial Arts champ may wear gloves in the ring, but he failed to do so during the robbery. Investigators were able to match fingerprints recovered from the scene to prints taken from Dasilva during a 2008 arrest, and tracked him down to his apartment one block away, police said.

The 31-yer-old married dad was nowhere to be found when police went to his apartment on the afternoon of August 24, police said. Investigators caught up with Dasilva at the apartment on August 31 and charged him with the robbery.

Dasilva pleaded not guilty to a felony robbery charge at his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court. He was released on bail on September 1, prosecutors said.

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