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A Tragic Day In The History Of Our Nation

Skies were bright and sunny in New York City on the 11th of September morning,

The sun rose and the day was majestically dawning.
There was the hustle of people traveling to work, to school and to senior centers,
To earn money, to learn, and to mentor.
Suddenly the Towers began to crumble and fall,
No longer were they straight, majestic, strong and tall.
Planes were flown into the Towers by the brutal terrorist’s hand,
Who hated and wanted to destroy our blessed United States land.
Darkness fell in the morning of that day.
All there was to do was to rescue, recover the remains, and to pray.
Voices of loved ones were no longer heard,
People cried and sobbed and needed solace and a comforting word.
The life of our nation was in such blight and distress,
No longer full of strength and zest.
Volunteers and first responders risked their lives so that others may live,
Gratitude and honor to them we must give.
Years went by, the rubble was cleared and two new Freedom Towers stand regally tall,
In the same place where the old World Trade Center used to stand,
We survived with such resolve and a new start on life we had at our command.
But we shall never forget the panic, fright, fear and blight on the fateful day in September,
We cherish those who survived,
Honor those who risked their lives
To help others, now souls in heaven at eternal rest.
We shall praise and eternally honor and always remember.
Never again shall this happen to us,
We are a nation that cannot be destroyed and thrown into chaos.
Let us pray for peace in every land,
And no longer be victims at the angry brutal uncivilized terrorist hand.
God hear our prayer,
For I know that your divine presence lights our way and you are present everywhere.

–Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck, N.Y.

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