2017-09-13 / Editorials

Hurricane Season Now A Fact Of Life For Us

With the devastation in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, we are reminded of the shock and horror of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. With the potential to strike anywhere, hurricanes have become a fact of life around the world this time of year. We must do all we can to prepare. After the fact, those fortunates who were unaffected can donate and volunteer to help those whose lives have been upended. Even if we may not be affected, many of us have close connections around the country. We want to help them, as well as anyone else left homeless or worse. There are many here in Queens who have helped in the past and continue to do so, and they are to be commended. Between Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, Irma, Jose, and who knows how many more, we cannot over-prepare. There is usually some warning, at least a week in advance, but since most items will keep for around a year, there is no reason to wait until then to stock up on necessities; go-bags should always be on hand as well. Visit the Office of Emergency Management’s website for all the information you need on how to prepare, and updates on evacuation zones. Living in this highly cosmopolitan city, we sometimes forget we live on an island, very close to sea level. Fifty inches of rain, and winds of 180 mph in New York would be utterly devastating – whenever, or wherever it may strike. So be prepared and make donations, help, and reach out. In the Gazette’s pages are several charitable organizations working to raise money. Please support them in any way you can.

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