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Daycare Worker Charged With Child Endangerment

By Liz Goff
A 32-year-old Queens daycare operator is facing child endangerment charges after he lost a four-year-old boy in his care, and then failed to notify police or the child’s parents of the child’s disappearance for four hours.

Oscar Jaramillo, who operates a daycare center with his wife at their home on 85th Street in Woodhaven, was arraigned at Queens Criminal Court on a criminal complaint charging him with abandonment of a child and endangering the welfare of a child. Criminal Court Judge Danielle Hartman ordered Jaramillo held in lieu of $10,000 bond/$5,000 cash bail and issued a full Order of Protection for the child.

According to the criminal charges, New York City Parks Police Officer Rico Albacarys spotted four-year-old Emiliano Marquez walking alone inside Juniper Valley Park at about 12:30 pm on August 29. Albacarys asked several nearby park patrons if they were looking for a lost child, and when they said they were not, he called 911.

Four hours later, after the little boy had been taken to the 104th Precinct station house, Jaramillo allegedly appeared at the precinct and told police, “I was walking in the park with my daughter and Emiliano Marquez and I lost him.” Jaramillo allegedly further admitted, “I looked around the park for a little while and left without notifying the police or Emilio’s parents that I lost him,” the complaint states. Sources said Jaramillo was playing hide and seek in the park with his daughter and Emiliano, and he just walked away when he couldn’t find the boy.
Police were able to locate the boy’s parents, who picked him up at the station house on Tuesday evening.

“As a daycare operator, the defendant was entrusted with protecting the children that parents left in his care and ensuring that they were safe from physical and psychological harm,” District Attorney Richard Brown said. “According to the criminal charges, the defendant failed to do the job he was paid to perform and, in the process, endangered the life of an innocent four-year-old who was left alone to wander a park,” Brown said. “Luckily, the child was found unharmed.”

Jaramillo, who faces up to four years in prison if convicted, is due back in court on September 29.

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