2017-09-06 / Editorials

Rock The Vote Now

Tuesday, September 12, is the city’s mayoral primary election day. The Republicans are not actually holding a primary, since there is only one candidate running uncontested, Nicole Malliotakis. The Democrats are running several candidates to fill the spot: incumbent Bill de Blasio, Sal Albanese, Richard Bashner, Robert Gangi and Michael Tolkin. There is also an abundance of potential Democratic candidates for the following: public advocate, City Council, female and male district leaders, delegates to the Judicial Convention and County Committee. Plan now to get to your polling site and participate! We know from previous experience the polls during the primaries are not usually crowded, so it won’t take very long to make your choices known. In New York, we do not have open primaries, so you must already be registered in the party in which you wish to cast a primary vote. For the November 7 general election, you may choose among any of the candidates who made it that far. If you regularly read the Queens Gazette, you are probably already familiar with many of those running, and we are including our endorsements in this issue. For more information, browse online, and if you are not regularly online, visit your nearest Queens Library branch for a wealth of good information. We are sure all the librarians are ready and quite willing to direct you to some good sources. So exercise your rights and keep them strong!

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