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Scenes Of New York

The City of New York has always been a mecca for art and culture, and a magnet for innovators. Some of the most revolutionary music, artwork, television and film have been produced in this great city. The film industry, especially, has had a longstanding fondness for the city that never sleeps. Each of the five boroughs is famous in its own right. Manhattan has been the location for countless major motion pictures. Brooklyn has seen the likes of “Do the Right Thing” and “Saturday Night Fever,” the Bronx was featured in the famous film, “A Bronx Tale,” and Staten Island has been featured in classics like “Goodfellas” and “The Godfather.”

Queens has been featured in countless films itself. Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America,” “Men In Black” and lesser-known movies such as “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” have all done their part in cementing Queens in film history. For decades in cinematography it has served as the home of the every-man, the common New Yorker that an audience outside of the city does not see.
Some newer shows and films making their mark in cinematic history are using the streets of Queens to film right now. One such film is “The Chaperone,” a story about a woman in 1920s from Kansas who accompanies a promising young dancer on a trip to New York. The movie was seen being filmed at Eddie’s Sweet Shop at 105-29 Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. The famed ice cream store has been in business since 1909, so its appearance in a 1920s period piece is quite appropriate.
    The popular NBC television crime drama, “Shades of Blue” starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta has been filming at the famous Kaufman Studios in Astoria. The series is centered on Lopez’s character, a single mother in the FBI anti-corruption task force.
    Also filming in Queens is the hit Netflix series about female inmates in the New York state prison system, “Orange Is The New Black.” Courtroom proceedings in the show were shot in Kew Gardens at Queens Criminal Court. The new season of the mega-hit show is expected to come out in June of 2018, and will most likely be filming all around New York City in the upcoming months.
    A new film, “Isn’t It Romantic,” starring Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson was recently filming in Far Rockaway on Beach 92 street. The film is about a woman with a general dislike for romance working as an architect in Manhattan. An experience with a mugger leaves her unconscious until she wakes up in what seems to be a romantic comedy.
    Also filming in Kew Gardens was the Fox crime drama series, “Gotham.” The show revolves around characters from the DC Batman comics in their early lives. Filming for the series’ new season took place at 82nd Avenue and Queens Boulevard on August 14.
    On August 17, filming in Sunnyside caused quite a commotion. The cinematic powerhouse, Marvel Studios, was shooting one of their new Netflix series, “Luke Cage,” which is about the heroics of a Harlem man with unbreakable skin. Filming took place at 41st Street and 43rd Avenue.
    Recently, in the beginning of August, HBO was on Steinway Street in Astoria filming one of its newer series, “Crashing.” The hilarious comedian, Pete Holmes both writes and stars in the show. Filming for its sophomore season took place in Long Island City on Steinway Street and 30th Avenue. The humor and heart-crushing practicality of becoming a comedian in the mean streets and clubs of New York is the focus of the show providing great laughs along with sobering reality checks.
    Another television show, “Bull,” was shooting scenes in Elmhurst last week. The CBS law and detective series is also in its sophomore season as of now and was seen filming sequences on Broadway and Corona Avenue. The show is based on the illustrious consultation career of Dr. Phillip McGraw, otherwise known as TV’s Dr. Phil, who started a very successful trial-consulting firm before he became a famous talk show personality.
    On Sunday night in Kew Gardens, the popular CBS series, “Elementary,” was seen filming. The show is a contemporary retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories about the world’s greatest “consulting detective,” Sherlock Holmes. A film set was established on Kew Gardens Road and 82nd Avenue for the show. Actors were seen briefly and sequences were filmed as well.
Queens remains one of the rare glimpses of everyday city life here in New York, which is why so many producers and directors come to these streets to film their projects. The borough is a perpetual stage, with projects being produced nearly every week of the year, and with so many Twitter pages and websites alerting people to film locations, it is quite easy to steal a glance at the next season of the newest and most popular shows. The borough has been host to quite a few historic film projects, and continues to cement its place in the history of both minor and major motion pictures.

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