2017-08-30 / Editorials

Hopefully A Labor Of Love

To most people, Labor Day signifies summer is over, but it isn’t really. Technically, we have a few more weeks, but the calendar, like one’s age, is only a number. There will still be beautiful, mild days to make outings more pleasant. However, it definitely will soon be time to go back to school. We know some of us are not happy about that, namely most students and teachers. But once they start, they get to see old friends, make new ones, and hopefully they will discover new intellectual pursuits, sharpen skills and feel accomplished. Teachers can take pride and satisfaction in doing their important work professionally and successfully, improving the lives of all the students entrusted to them.

We will pass on what wise older ones have shared with us: it will be okay, there are still evenings and weekends that are made all the more precious, so make your plans to balance work and play. Schoolwork and work-work don’t need to be a drudge, just keep your eyes open and see where you’d really like to be, and what you wouldn’t mind doing on a daily basis, and work toward that. And now that we have worked our way around to the subject of work, let us take a moment to appreciate those who are actually working during this nice long weekend so that others can travel, be safe, take a break from cooking, and myriad other activities we depend upon each other for, i.e. the labor force that makes life as we know it possible every day. We acknowledge on Monday, September 4, all workers, from all walks of life, all over Queens. We are fortunate in our society to have protections for workers to make life better for everyone. Just take a look around at the fruits of our labor force – all the products, services, works of art, architecture, knowledge, entertainment – everything in our society that working people make possible for everyone else. It is not easy to show up every day, but few have the luxury to work only when so moved. To all those who work hard, even when not really in the mood, and take pride in their work, whether it’s a paid job or taking care of family at home, we salute you!

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