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DOT ‘Carshare’ Plan Slashes Jackson Heights Parking Spaces

By Liz Goff
Department of Transportation (DOT) officials have designated a 20-block area between Northern Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue, from 74th to 91st Streets for the exclusive use of carshare companies.

DOT has chosen 15 neighborhoods citywide, four in Queens, to participate in a pilot program to determine which would be best used for parking carshare vehicles. Neighborhoods in Ridgewood, Jamaica and the Eastern Rockaways have also been chosen to participate in the pilot program, DOT officials said.
A total of 300 parking spaces will be eliminated during the pilot program in neighborhoods across the city, DOT officials said. It is unclear how many spaces will be eliminated in Jackson Heights.
Residents will be able to park at the curb as usual during the pilot program, except at designated carshare parking spaces, DOT officials said. Those spaces will be marked with signs that read, “Carshare Parking Only, and ” Others No Standing,” that show the name of the carshare company assigned to the space.
DOT officials endorse carshare programs for a number of reasons, including improved air quality and fewer personal cars on city streets.
DOT has set up a portal featuring online interactive maps, where residents can voice opinions on the proposed parking areas and the carshare program. For information visit www.dot/nyc.com.

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