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Mayor Approves Increase in Teacher Spending for Classroom Supplies

By Dr. Dan Miller and Joyce Vetere Milowski





The New York City Council supported the contention by the United Federation of Teachers that New York City teachers should receive higher allotments to purchase instructional material for classroom use in New City public schools.


Critics of the mayor contend that this increase, the largest in the 30 years history of the program, is very questionable coming within months of Mayor deBlasio’s re-election bid.


Queens council member Daniel Dromm, chair of the council’s education committee responded to the announcement,” This is something that we have been fighting for for several years.” Dromm also indicated that it was ridiculous that the mayor’s critics called the give-a-way a political handout.


In 2016 classroom teachers in New York City public schools were able to submit classroom purchase vouchers for reimbursement up to $147.  The new allocation is $250 per teacher for 2017, a 70% increase over last year.


UFT President Michael Mulgrew was fully supportive of the increase and appreciative that the City Council and Mayor realized the importance of supporting teachers who purchase school supplies for classroom use.




Photo by Dan Miller/DMD IMAGES


Mayor deBlasio announces that teachers will now receive an increase in reimbursements for purchases of classroom instructional material.


Queens City Council member Daniel Dromm, a former school teachers and UFT school representative was fully supportive of teachers receiving an increase in the amount of money they could use to purchase instructional material for classroom use with their students.

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