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Koo Announces New Director Of Community Affairs And Liaison

Elaine Yoonjung Kim, NYC Councilman Peter Koo and Joyce Haeun Choi. Elaine Yoonjung Kim, NYC Councilman Peter Koo and Joyce Haeun Choi. NYC Councilman Peter Koo announced on August 3 the hiring of Elaine Yoonjung Kim as his Director of Community Affairs and his office’s second Korean Community Liaison.

Kim is a Flushing resident, a National Merit Scholar and graduate of Cornell University, where she served as President of Cornell Shimtah, a Korean traditional drumming program. She previously worked as a research assistant, librarian, translator and youth counselor.

As the Director of Community Affairs, she will work in partnership with community-based organizations to develop and implement programs that will assist the residents of Council District 20, and to serve as a liaison to the Korean-speaking community. Koo’s Community Liaison, Joyce Haeun Choi, will continue to assist Kim within the Korean-speaking community.

CM Koo stated, “Yoonjung is hard-working and energetic, and most importantly, she is eager to serve our community. Of the many candidates for this position, she showed the greatest ability to bridge the gap between government and constituents in order to make our community a better place. My office has never been without a Korean-speaking staff, and I look forward to working with her to continue our legacy of advocacy within the Korean-speaking and all communities.”

Kim stated, “I am very happy to join team Koo as a liaison to the Korean community. From his advocacy for Comfort Women, to his success in naming January 13th as Korean American Day in New York City, Councilman Koo has done a lot for the Korean community, and I am excited to be on board for his future plans. While I will focus on the Korean community here in Council District 20, this is a community that represents people from all races, colors and creeds, and I am especially looking forward to working to ensure all communities here have a voice in government.”

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