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Mayor Di Blasio and School Chancellor Carmen Farina Announce 28 New Queens High Schools Add College For All Programs For 2017-2018 School Year

Dr. Dan Miller & Joyce Vetere Milowski

Mayor Di Blasio and School Chancellor Farina announce names of high schools that will add “College For All Programs” for 2017-2018 School Year.Mayor Di Blasio and School Chancellor Farina announce names of high schools that will add “College For All Programs” for 2017-2018 School Year.Last week Mayor Di Blasio and NYC School Chancellor Carmen Farina announced that 175 additional New York City Public High Schools would be implementing College Access For All programs. Of the 175 high schools to implement the college bound initiative 28 come from the borough of Queens.

“Equity and excellence in our schools means making college a reality for all students, no matter what neighborhood they’re from,” said Mayor Bill Di Blasio. “ As more schools join our program, we are expanding access and opportunity, and changing the trajectory of our students’ futures.”

School Chancellor Carmen Farina, a first generation college graduate in her family said, “As the first person in my family to go to college, I understand just how important it is to have a schoolwide college and career culture where students have the awareness and support to get to a range of postsecondary options.” She added, “ With graduation rates, college readiness and  enrollment already at record highs, this is the next step in ensuring all our students are ready for college and careers.”

For the first time, College Access for All will include “high-capacity” schools- 35 high schools with high postsecondary enrollment rates that will receive training and funding to explore and strengthen their own practices and share the with other high schools across the city. AN example of this Thomas A. Edison High School in Jamaica, Queens is such a school that has visitors from other high schools throughout the state visiting to see the outstanding work the staff and administration do with their students. As one supervisor at the school said, “It our commitment to our students,” that makes it all work.

“College Access for All is a game-changer for the way we, as a CTE school, approach college and career readiness and access,” said Moses Ojeda, principal of Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School. “This initiative will help us break the barrier of traditional expectations, and increase options for our students and families. The new training, resources and ability to share best practices with other schools are an important investment in our students’ futures.”

“It is heartening that more high schools will participate in College Access for All in the coming school year,” said NYC Council Education Committee Chair Daniel Dromm (Queens) “By making the application process more transparent and affordable this initiative makes college a reality for a greater number of students. It is especially beneficial for children who do not have any close friends or relatives to guide them along the way. I celebrate this development and will continue to support College Access for All which has already done so much to improve the lives of young people in our City.”


York Early College Academy

World Journalism College Preparatory: A College Board School

Energy Tech High School

East-West School of International Studies

Channel View School for Research

Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability

George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences

Martin Van Buren High School

Long Island City High School

International High School for Health Sciences

Veritas Academy

Queens High School for Language Studies

Academy of Medical Technology: A College Board School

Richmond Hill High School

John Adams High School

Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights

Benjamin Franklin High School for Finance & Information Technology

Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School

Eagle Academy for Young Men III

High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture

Young Women's Leadership School, Queens

Queens Metropolitan High School

Young Women's Leadership School, Astoria

Civic Leadership Academy

Pan American International High School

Voyages Preparatory

North Queens Community High School

Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Secondary School for Arts and Technology

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