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‘Fish On The Beach,’ Deceptively Beautiful

“Fish On The Beach,” by Andreas C. Chrysafis in his book of paintings, “Vol 1: Each Painting Tells A Story,” offers an environmental message no one should ignore, Chrysafis said, “especially with what is happening today across the seas  filled with plastics, raw sewage and rubbish. “Fish On The Beach” shows the day when the fish came out of the water. The pristine azure waters are not what they seem. They conceal hidden dangers in the deep. They can no longer sustain the life cycle of the seas. Human ignorance in a wasteful society, pollution, deforestation, chemical and plastics dumping in rivers and deep oceans are sure signs of the demise and reality of the future – unless humans alter their ways!” “Vol 1: Each Painting Tells A Story, ” written by  Andreas C. Chrysafis and edited by Philip Duerdoth (Evandia Publishing UK, LTD, 98 pp., $32), is available on Amazon.com.

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