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Q.E.D Gives A Voice To Local Artists

The local performance space and arts education establishment, Q.E.D., has been providing artists from all over a chance to showcase their talents and teach others their various art forms since late 2014. Comedic storyteller Kambri Crews started the space; it became a popular destination for comedians and comedy lovers, but branched out to involve all types of performances and lessons. The name is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase, quod erat demonstrandum, which translates to “that which was demonstrated,” a phrase meant to signify the purpose of the innovative performance outlet that the spot has become.

On Wednesday, July 19, Q.E.D. announced the opening of their new podcast studio. The studio is meant as a place for artists to record their work in a quality sound booth for affordable rates, a luxury that many striving recording artists do not have in this city.

Most recording studios will negotiate an hourly rate with their customers before production; these rates usually fall in the $50-$75 range per hour. In music meccas like New York, those hourly rates for good sound equipment and acoustics can balloon to $100 or $120. Q.E.D. Astoria's introductory rate of $30 (and other discounts) is extremely generous for podcast and voiceover actors, and allows up and coming talent to produce a professional sound for their audience without paying exorbitant fees. The studio was made specifically with these types of recording artists in mind. 

The studio comes equipped with microphones, stands, speakers, headphones and a USB audio interface for artists to utilize in the production of their podcasts. If one lacks the technical know-how in order to create the recording, they need not worry; Q.E.D. will help with starting and closing any sessions. Artists may also hire an audio tech for $20 an hour if they would like a professional mixing of their recording. Audio technicians can often have rates two or three times that cost, so having equipment and a great technician for such a low cost is extremely convenient.

According to Edison Research, 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, while six in ten citizens are familiar with the medium. These statistics are representative of a digital medium that is quickly outpacing other traditional platforms such as movies and radio. The popularity is due in part to the fact that creating a podcast is quite easy for anyone to do, but making a quality recording is often expensive. This studio will help less established artists circumvent the high expenses of NYC studio rates and bring their own voice to this expanding media market.





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