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Heat Wave Bakes Queens Residents

By Liz Goff
It was hell on earth last week when the mercury soared over 90-degrees for four straight days in Queens, baking the Big Apple for the third time this summer.

Temperatures reached a brutal 92 degrees in some parts of Queens on July 18 and a sweltering 96 degrees on July 20, sending residents racing to movie theaters, restaurants, malls and other air-conditioned spaces.

Temperatures soared to over 101 degrees at LaGuardia Airport on July 20th, sending travelers scurrying to air-conditioned terminals.

The blistering heat forced many Queens residents to stay indoors, where those with air conditioners blasted cool air, and others doused themselves with cold water, hoping for an end to the heat.

City officials said New Yorkers consumed an additional 1.5 billion gallons of water on the first day of the heat wave, and pleaded with residents to conserve electricity and visit city cooling centers to help beat the heat.

Fire officials reported an increase in 911 calls for help with heat related symptoms, but no heat-related deaths were reported in Queens during the hear wave.

Queens residents who need help coping with the heat are urged to visit a city Cooling Center. For the location of the Cooling Center nearest to your home, visit www.nyc.gov/coolingenter, click on Cooling Center Finder and enter your address. The listing provides the address and hours of operation for a Cooling Center located near your home. Queens residents who do not have Internet access are urged to call 311 for information on Cooling Centers in local neighborhoods.

Anyone suffering symptoms of heat stroke, i.e. nausea, vomiting, muscle ache, light-headedness during times of extreme heat, should immediately call 911 for assistance.

Pet owners are also reminded to keep cats and dogs out of the sun for long periods of time during heat waves. Animal caregivers said pets need additional, cool water and a well-ventilated place to rest when temperatures soar.

“Pets can easily become victims of heat stroke, too,” caregivers said.










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