2017-07-26 / Editorials

National Night Out Against Crime

How many of us have forsaken hanging out in the neighborhood on weekday evenings since reaching adulthood? Even the children, barring actual plans, spend more time indoors than their parents used to, and are less active – except for their thumbs. This happens for various reasons, one being that parents have developed greater wariness, due to formerly high crime rates. However, we have come a long way, with one major contribution being the National Night Out Against Crime program started in 1984 and going strong every year in every state. This Tuesday, August 1, marks the 33rd annual Night Out. If you are wondering what it’s about, the night revolves around local NYPD precincts. There will be free block parties or gatherings in schoolyards, houses of worship and parks, with live music or DJs, food, rides, arts and crafts, informative demos and booths, raffles and giveaway items. Even local hospitals and senior centers will participate with their respective forms of community outreach. Everyone is more than welcome!

More and more, those charged with protecting us seek our input, and the relationship has proven vital to restoring a healthy community. It’s a great way to get to know your community peace officers, emergency personnel, neighbors, local officials, schools, citizens’ groups, community councils and businesses that will likely get involved. You can get informed, improve camaraderie, explore solutions tailored to your particular neighborhood’s needs, and in general participate in making your neighborhood safer.

The National Night Out promotes a partnership between the police and the community in order to improve safety, which leads to improved quality of life in all aspects, stemming from greater freedom from crime. The number of attendees, participants and activities are growing larger each year, and we encourage all to partner with local law enforcement to keep the ball rolling that creates a safe environment in which to live.

So come on out, have a good time, and take back the night!

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