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Reminder: Street Trees Need Water In Hot Weather

By Liz Goff
City Department of Parks (DOP) officials are urging Queens residents and businesses to remember that street trees need watering during hot summer months.

Officials are asking Queens residents to water street trees each evening during hot, dry stretches to make sure they make it through the summer.

“Street trees are alive. They provide us with the air we breathe, with shade from the blistering sun and they enhance the landscape,” officials said. “Won’t you please remember to water street trees on your property to help them survive this severs summer weather?”

DOP Officials said trees should be watered in the evening hours with cool (not cold) water. Let the water run on the base of the tree until the roots stop absorbing it, officials said.

Residents and property owners are also urged to pay special attention to newly planted trees and small trees located between more mature, larger trees. “The smaller trees are prone to wither and die if they are not watered separately,” officials said.

“These trees are often deprived of water that is gulped up and stored by the larger trees, leaving them to die of thirst in times of hot weather. So please remember to pay special attention to the smaller trees to keep them thriving and healthy,” officials said.


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