2017-07-19 / Editorials

Queens Is Home To Sterling Health Care

This medical issue is dedicated to highlighting our medical health and fitness facilities here in Queens. Residents realize we can get what we need in the way of the world’s finest health care right here in our own backyard. We have some of the world’s best doctors and medical establishments, where people from all over the world come for medical treatment and to get help with getting fit. Hospitals like Mount Sinai Queens are newer and better than ever. These premier facilities are at the pinnacle of medical technology, therapy and equipment, and every facet of healthcare is available. We also have gyms that are a boon to helping people improve not only their “shape” but their overall health and vitality, making Queens a fantastic place to live, stay alive and be healthy. Such organizations improve the communities in which they are situated, bringing life-saving treatments, and jobs for medical and fitness personnel. They make the community that much more attractive to live in, set up shop in, or other types of investments, as well as stimulating the local economy that serves all.

We are proud of all our borough has to offer every aspect of life. We salute all the people constantly striving to surpass themselves and bring us the very best in health care that exists.

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