2017-07-12 / Editorials

Mourning New York’s Finest

Another NYPD officer has been senselessly assassinated at her post in a police mobile command vehicle. She was finishing her shift for the night, after the Fourth of July revelries.

Officer Miosotis Familia, who courageously protected the community for the past 12 years, leaves behind three children and her elderly mother. Familia was known and well-liked in the community she was assigned to protect, Fordham Heights in the Bronx.

In a grievous reminder of the shocking murder of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were ambushed three years ago, Familia was executed by an ex-convict in an unprovoked, senseless attack. We won’t speculate as to the motive of this coldblooded slaughter, for the shooter did not even know her, or have any previous contact with her. It seems Officer Familia was shot simply because she wore an NYPD badge. There is nothing she could have done differently to prevent this. However, there were reportedly some indications on social media that might have enabled some intervention. So we would reiterate what we continually hear in the city, that if you see something, you must say something. If someone had given a heads up, this tragedy might have been averted. Our selfless police officers are in the line of fire every day they go to work. It’s a very tough job, and they never know what the day will bring, and what terrible sacrifices they may end up making. They need and deserve our support in any way we can give it, for we owe them tremendously, and can never fully repay them.

We bow our heads in sorrow, and from the bottom of our hearts send our deepest condolences to Police Officer Miosotis Familia’s family, friends, and brothers and sisters of the NYPD.

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