2017-07-05 / Political Page

Gianaris On Governor Cuomo’s MTA Remarks

John Toscano

NYS Senator Michael N. GianarisNYS Senator Michael N. GianarisNYS Senator Michael N. Gianaris responded to Governor Cuomo’s June 29 announcement regarding the MTA and the mass transit emergency situation. “The MTA crisis was years in the making, due to neglect and underfunding by government leaders. Today’s (June 29) announcement by Governor Cuomo is an encouraging first step, but significant questions remain regarding the source of this new capital funding, and the continuing budget hole of several billions of dollars beyond the amount announced today. Too often, ambitious talk has not been followed by actions necessary to provide real relief for commuters. I will continue to fight for the millions of New Yorkers who suffer every day at the hands of the MTA.”

Senator Gianaris is the author of the “Better Trains, Better Cities” legislation that would create a temporary, three-year surcharge on individuals earning over $1 million annually, in order to raise between $6 billion and $7 billion to fund emergency repairs and maintenance for the MTA.

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