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FDNY Offers Summer ‘Burn Concern’ Fact Sheet

By Liz Goff
Fire officials have issued a “Burn Concern” fact sheet with information on what to do if a burn injury occurs during indoor/outdoor summer celebrations or backyard barbecues. NOTE: officials advise that you seek medical attention as soon as possible in the case of a severe burn:

• Stop, Drop, Roll. If clothing catches fire, smother the flames with a wet cloth. Do Not Run; Running makes the burn worse.
• Call 911 immediately.
• Remove all burned clothing; Clothing may retain heat and cause deeper injuries. If clothing adheres to skin, cut or tear around adjacent area.
• Pour cool running water over burn; pour cool water over burned area for 10-15 minutes, or submerge burn under cool running water for 15 minutes.
• Do not apply ointments or butter; They may cause infections due to their oil base and provoke deeper injury – and they will retain the heat of the burn.
• Remove all jewelry, belts, tight clothing from burned area. Remember, swelling of burned area occurs immediately.
For Minor Burns:
• Use an antiseptic spray to relieve and prevent infection. Oatmeal-based antiseptics help remove heat.
• Cover with a clean, dry dressing. Wash daily with soap and water and change dressing. If wound begins to drain excessively or have a foul odor, seek immediate medical attention.
Larger Surface Area Burns – burns larger than a fist:
• Cool the area as suggested above, cover with a dry, clean dressing and seek immediate medical attention.
Assisting Electrically Burned Victim:
• Do not touch victim if he/she is in touch with the source of the electricity. Dial 911 for immediate assistance.
Extreme heat, such as flames, hot liquids, hot metal, flash explosions and faulty electric connections or wiring are some of the causes of burn injuries, fire officials said.
“More than half of all burns are scald burns resulting from exposure to hot tap water, boiling water (and other liquids) and kitchen burns,” officials said. “Family get-togethers and backyard barbecues present a significant risk of scald burns resulting from accidents, carelessness or too many cooks at the grill.”

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