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Nelson Nigel

Nelson Nigel is a serial entrepreneur. He was born in Guyana, but has spent most of his life as a resident of Queens. He is the founder and CEO of Kidmoto Technologies, a technology firm specializing in providing safe airport transportation for children. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at Queens College in 2001.

In 2005, Nigel opened Head Contracting LLC, where he was Vice President of Finance, in addition to his other duties. In 2008, his performance there earned him the distinction of being chosen as the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. By 2006, Nigel established himself as a real estate developer when he founded his company Nelson Nigel New York. Among NNNY’s projects was the development of an 8-unit building in the Bronx. In 2009, he used his extensive knowledge of negotiating government contracts to found Headexposed, a multi-media internet technology firm specializing in procurement content. The company offers a series of instructional e-books on procurement, the selling of goods and services to government agencies, construction companies, and large corporations, which Nigel himself authored. In May, 2010, Nigel appeared in the Wall Street Journal; on Fox News; and NY1 news in September and November, 2016.

In 2014, Nelson Nigel went on to start Head Technologies specializing in government to constituent and government to employee mobile applications. In 2016 Nelson founded Kidmoto Technologies, a mobile app connecting passengers seeking car seats to drivers providing, harnessing and installing car seats for airport transportation.

QG: What was the impetus behind your creation of Kidmoto?

NN: I am a lifelong entrepreneur, and I saw the opportunity to create a company which would provide a great service to the world.

QG: Describe some of your greatest challenges and achievements in the creation and implementation of Kidmoto.

NN: Starting a small business is challenging, but pre-building a company for Uber-like unicornesque exponential growth is extremely hard. For example, look at normal business challenges and increase them in proportion to the growth rate. It’s 100 times more challenging to build a company like Kidmoto. We are, however, built on a strong business infrastructure, a great team, we cannot give up on our vision and therefore we run through challenges.

Finding great investors is a big challenge, because we are not interested in big checks, we seek skilled investors who will add value to Kidmoto. And finally, we are our greatest achievement because Kidmoto serves the world, Kidmoto has created a service the world absolutely needs. Travelers need safe airport transportation for their children and Kidmoto provides the solution. We love it, we provide value to mankind.

QG: Is there a particular feature of the app that is your favorite?

NN: I love it all, the Kidmoto App provides parents the option to reserve a vehicle with 1-4 professionally installed children’s car seats for NYC airport transportation, which is mind-boggling. Where else in the world can you find that sort of service?

QG: What are some of your longterm goals for the app?

NN: One of our longterm goals is to continue to grow the Kidmoto network of drivers who can provide professionally installed car seats to airports nationwide. We want to provide Kidmoto services to major airports in the USA and hopefully internationally.

QG: What are some of your favorite things to do in Queens?

NN: I am a longtime Queens native from Corona and I know Queens has the best food in the city, no other NYC borough comes close. I still love to go to the Lemon Ice King of Corona – I say get the peanut butter ice. I love pizza from Amore Pizza, Pasta from Dino’s, Latin food in Jackson Heights, Thai food in Elmhurst, Caribbean food in South Ozone Park, Middle Eastern and Greek food in Astoria, and lots more. Fuggetaboutit, it’s all great! This is the best place to live, it’s all here in Queens.

This column was originated in July, 2013 by Nicollette Barsamian.

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