2017-06-14 / Editorials

What – And Who – A Father Is

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when filling in the blank at the end of “a father is” is authority figure and provider of physical necessities, but fathers are so much more – companion, playmate, advisor, advocate, teacher, to name a few. Gone are the days when a father’s role was stern jail warden and bringer of consequences – or the opposite figure, portrayed by mass media as nothing more than bemused comic relief. The latter was perhaps only a reflection of TV-level comedy writers seeking a certain number of laughs per non-commercial segment. The reality is being affirmed more and more each day, that fathers are crucial to contributing well-roundedness in human development. Not that single mothers are unable to provide that balance, it is just that much more difficult. Statistically fathers contribute to an early environment that makes for more offspring who are more successful and less vulnerable to negative influences. Homes with present fathers, biological or not, produce children more likely to excel and not fall prey to the various pitfalls that are rampant in our society. Dad sets the example to their sons of what a man should be; and to their daughters of what a future husband should be. Descriptions come to mind such as strong, kind, supportive, worldly, respectful, honorable, and an upstanding citizen in all ways.

We hopefully do not forget to acknowledge those other father figures in our lives as well – grandfathers, stepfathers, caring uncles, godfathers, coaches, and Big Brothers. Some fathers are now in heaven, but continue to be part of our lives, in our memories of all they did for us and taught us, that we now pass on to our own children.

And for all this we thank, honor, acknowledge and show appreciation to our fathers on this day. A very Happy Father’s Day to you all!

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